Circle Tree Studios

...empowering authentic expression               

   through the arts




        “You must give birth to your images

          They are the future waiting to be born.”

                                        Rainer Maria Rilke

The power of the arts is in helping people to discover their own voice and to tell their own stories in a manner that is infinitely healing and transformative.

The benefits of the arts are many: stress relief, insight, healing, communication, team building, educational, personal growth and empowerment, professional development, support and fun.

Creating in a safe, non-judgmental environment supports one to follow their own internal wisdom and guidance,

Art making can support your personal process through times of transition in your life, for example, through career changes, grief and loss, relocation, and illness or through a creative block in your art or your work.

We will explore art-making that satisfies your creative desire and nourishes and informs your personal journey.  A variety of materials and experiences will be offered each session. No previous art experience is necessary.

Expressive Arts Experiences can include working with art materials like paint, pastels or collage, or working with clay, journaling or writing poetry, or making music together; participating in movement and dance activities, or mask-making, to name just a few. 

Activities are designed to assist participants in feeling safe and comfortable exploring their authentic creative response.

We encourage curiosity, sharing and teach respectful witnessing.

The environment is one of non-judgment and acceptance and will endeavor to offer support and sensitivity when one feels challenged.


Open Studio Nights

Register for one or more classes....

Come join a small group of individuals wanting to create, explore, and share with others in an atmosphere of spontaneous exploration.  Classes are designed to strengthen your intuitive creative conversation with yourself and to explore different mediums and to share and be witnessed by others in a safe, non-judgmental environment.  All materials, activities and facilitation will be provided in each session.

Small groups in Circle Tree Studios in my home in Courtenay.

Tuesday evenings 6:00 - 8:30

Multimedia Expressive Arts Classes

Fee $20-$35

Classes continuing each Tuesday through April.  Each class stands alone, you are welcome to attend any class that has room.

No class May 8th

read about these classes on this page

Wednesday evenings 6:00-9:00

Process Painting Classes

Fees $20-35

read about Process Painting here

Classes continuing each Wednesday through April. Each class stands alone, you are welcome to attend any class that has room.

No class May 9th

Please register by email as space is limited. Contact Annie  250-202-0792.


Bringing Art Experiences

         to Your Group

I design art experiences for groups, staff teams, private gatherings or classes.

I have offered art-based experiences to college classes to teach self-care, to children’s groups, to health programs, hospice volunteers, cancer patients, etc. 

Art experiences offer a safe and empowering experience that can increase awareness, understanding, and bring about group and personal insights that foster collaborative group interactions and sensitize group interactions. 

Contact me for a consultation and I will prepare a proposal for your group.  Write me at or call me at 250-202-0792

Private Sessions for Individuals in my Studio

Anyone desiring one-on-one support to express creatively in a safe space.

Do you want to revitalize your creative spirit for personal nourishment, self-expression and life balance?  Do you need a safe space for release of feelings due to illness, constant care giving, personal loss or other life transitions?

The creative process provides centering, calming, empowerment and validation.  It revitalizes the creative self for personal nourishment, self-expression and life balance. 

A way to get to know oneself in a deeper, richer way. 

   "Expressive Arts therapy rests on the premise that imagination is the healer, that encouraging the soul to speak in its own way transforms darkness into light, the hidden and concealed into the open, and thus provides insight and release".

Stephen K. Levine: Poesis: The Language of Psychology and the Speech of the Soul

Circle Tree Studios welcomes you into a circle of community and sharing where you and/or your group can safely explore inwardly, and be respectfully witnessed in your search for your authentic expression.  We hold a space for each person to find their personal path to a wholehearted life.

Expressive Arts are for everyone

and every situation.”