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  “You must give birth to your images

          They are the future waiting to be born.”

                                        Rainer Maria Rilke


The Painting Experience

with Annie Rousseau

Aug 26-31, 2016

Ocean Resort, Campbell River, BC.


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The Painting Experience

with Annie Rousseau and

Stewart Cubley


Breintenbush, Oregon

July 4-8, 2016


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A Creative Life Journey

with Annie Rousseau

    Do you crave individual one-on-one support and guidance to explore your creative expression? To learn to listen to and trust your own intuitive voice? To find your way creatively through the blocks that are stopping you moving forward in your life?

Annie brings many, many creative and practical tools and much life experience to her personal coaching practice to inspire you and help you to design your own roadmap.

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Circle Tree Studios welcomes you into a circle of community and sharing where you or your group can safely explore inwardly, and be respectfully witnessed in your search for your authentic expression.  We hold a space for each person to find their personal path to a wholehearted life.